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Hebrew High (Re)/Enrollment application.

Hebrew High (Re)/Enrollment application.


Hebrew high (Re)/Enrollment application.

Student name:*                         birthday:*

Fathers name:* Mothers name:*

Home address:*  home phone:*

Name of high school:*                              Grade:* 

 Name of school counselor:*School phone:*

School address:* 

Synagogue affiliation:* 

Any conversions:* parent. Student. None.

Parents E-mail:*

Accreditation:*No, Thank you. Yes, full 10 credits please. Pass/Fail.

Does your child have learning difficulties with general studies?* Yes. No.

Are there any medical conditions or pertinent information regarding your child, which we should be aware of? *

Yes. No. 



I hereby permit my children to participate in all school and youth club activities and join in school trips on and beyond school properties. You may use my child’s photograph for school publicity. In case of emergency I hereby authorize the school to have my child taken care of by a physician in any way the situation may call for. I understand that this school cannot be responsible for any student who does not comply with school regulations.   I accept terms*    Today's date:* 

  I would be willing to help in school activities.                                

            I would be willing to join the monthly donor group "friends of Hebrew High" please bill my card $ monthly.

Fees: $200 registration / $150 book/transcripts $1,500 tuition. ($1,850 per year) For scholarships or the multiple child discount email  

Billing information

                     First name*          
   Last name*    
   Credit card Number:*    
   Expiration date:*  (MM/YYYY)  



   This Supplemental School Program is funded, in part, by the annual community campaign of the Jewish Federation of Greater Long Beach & West OC.

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